Location: Sherborn, MA
Project: Renovation
Designer: Eastman Street Woodworks
Wall Cabinet Door Style & Color: Salem in Origami White
Island Cabinet Door Style & Color:

Our farmhouse-style home is nestled in the woods with trees all around us. The original kitchen was installed in 2009 with reddish, cherry stained cabinetry and a speckled, grayish-white quartz triangular middle-prep island, and a huge L-shaped main island that was very popular in the late 1990s/early 2000s. The islands filled up the space and made the kitchen look huge.

The design, however, was so inefficient. The triangular prep island lacked space; the standard 36” aisles weren’t wide enough. Additionally, the cabinets’ center stile made it difficult to place anything wide on the shelves or pull-outs. We cook a lot, so we wanted a functional kitchen with ample space for our family and more natural lighting.

To give the space an airy feel, we enlarged the window and chose a custom color – Origami White by Sherwin Williams – for the cabinetry. (Due to popularity, this color is now part of ESW’s standard lineup.) We painted the walls the same color for a seamless look and opted for open shelves for a relaxed atmosphere. To ensure the shelves could hold weight, we had iron L bars made and tiled over the 7-inch backing to create a floating shelf look using solid walnut wood planks. I chose a full-sized sink as opposed to a small prep sink on the island. And of course, we widened the aisles to 42″ and made the single rectangular island 48″x 110.”

The process took some time because we started adding more and more to the project. However, it was well worth it because we really enjoy the new space and I love cooking in my new and improved kitchen.